Who are we?


As the saying goes, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well what happens if a tree falls in a bog, and nobody is there to remove it?

After hundreds and even thousands of years, the result is bog-wood.

Extremely rare and naturally preserved, bog-wood truly is a thing of natural beauty. It’s beauty is not only in the richer, darker colour, but in it’s story too.

Preserved for centuries, from the days of High Kings and Cúchullain to today, bog-wood has the stories of old Ireland trapped within it’s fibres. That is the magic of bog-wood

Sustainability is at the heart of bog-wood. Forget cutting down trees, bog-wood is searched for and salvaged from bogs all over Ireland.

Eric Flanagan

For generations our family has worked with bog wood. The tradition runs deep in our veins and connects each generation with one another. We are immensely proud of that tradition.
But tradition alone isn’t enough, that’s why we are formally trained and educated at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland’s most respected art school.

Our chief designer and wood-worker, Eric Flanagan, has been working with bog-wood for over 5 decades and his portfolio of work is as impressive as it is varied and long.

From being commissioned to create a bespoke piece to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement and the story of the Children of Lir, pictured below, to family crests and more, our expertise, experience and excellent equipment, enable us to deliver second to none quality for our clients every single time.

Brian Brennan

Brian is the COO of Celtic Craft Company and runs the day to day operations. Brian’s key role is to support Eric and the rest of our design team in delivering first-class design solutions every time.

A County Meath native, Brian is an accomplished upholsterer and designer in his own right and comes from a long line of design and craft entrepreneurs. While respectful of the tradition that has gone before, Brian is always keen to push our team to create innovative solutions to our customers’ design needs.